Painting Services, Special Coatings and Treatments

Complex Finishes provides a wide range of coating, painting, and surface treatment services.

Examples of services provided:

  • Underground Garage and Service Area Painting

  • Parking lot safety yellow marking & signs

  • Interior Painting & Finishing including repairs

  • Office Refinishing IN ONE Night including drywall repairs 

  • Decorative Finishes & Stains

  • Anti Slip Treatment and installation of heavy duty anti-slip tapes

  • Epoxy coatings: Heavy duty traffic resistant coatings, chemical resistant coatings, rapid curing heavy duty coatings for 24/7 facilities, specialty coatings etc...

  • Professional Graffiti removal

  • Anti-Graffiti transparent coatings

  • Vinyl Wallpaper Hanging & Repairs

  • Moldings & Detailing

  • Drywall Repairs, installation and replacement

  • Commercial Painters

  • Glow-In-The-Dark-Tape, installation & repairs

  • Power wash

  • Mechanical heavy duty epoxy coatings

  • Mechanical light  duty epoxy coatings 

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